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The IdentiChek® database includes over 66 billion records, 921 million of which come from foreign countries. Please note that this database merely confirms the identity of a subject. This product is intended to be used in conjunction with the TerrorChek® database scan when a positive search is obtained.

IdentiChek® Sample Reports

  • IdentiChek® Sample
    (Basic Report)
  • IdentiChek® Sample
    (Full Report)

The data is based upon banking, financial and credit transactions of persons touching US soil, and may include the names and addresses of over 600 million foreign nationals. When conducting a search on this database that involves a known foreign national, it is important to NOT use a full address, only the State where it is suspected the person last resided or worked.

IdentiChek® database search

For example, our IdentiChek® service will provide confirmation of an individual's identifiers such as Social Security Number (SSN), name, address, phone number, and ownership of vehicles, properties, corporate affiliations and many other indicators. Please note that this is "harvested" data or information that is either self-confessed by the person, or reported by a banking facility, credit reporting service, financial institution or governmental agency.

Tips for searching Identichek® database

The best way to search IdentiChek® database (to get the most specific results possible) is in the following order:

  • SSN alone
  • FIRST NAME and LAST NAME only (if the name is uncommon)
  • FIRST NAME and LAST NAME and STATE (if the name is somewhat uncommon)
  • FIRST NAME and LAST NAME and ADDRESS (if the name if common, try using the last known address)
  • FIRST NAME and MIDDLE INITIAL and LAST NAME and STATE (Also, if rather uncommon)

You are very welcome to know more about our IdentiChek® service, please visit our IdentiChek® web site at http://www.identichek.com.

If you have questions about ICI products, please contact us.

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