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Investigative Consultantís newest product is a service that allows for direct access to the computers of the Social Security Administration for verification of a personís name, date of birth and Social Security account number. The DirectChek service requires a release that we will provide to you, and must be signed by the SSN holder. It is intended to confirm the following information:

  • True name of SSN Holder
  • True DOB of SSN Holder
  • Date when SSN was issued by the SSA to SSN Holder

Please note ...

  • This information is NOT harvested data or information provided by a SSN presenter to a third party. It is based upon the actual records of the Social Security Administration. DirectChek will also return a list of addresses for the individual, but this information is culled from the IdentiChek® database file.
  • This site sits behind a password protected firewall accessible only by ICI personnel. All search requests must be done by email request only and the SSN holder must execute an explicit release permitting us to conduct this search.

If you have questions about any ICI products, please contact us.

DirectChek High Light

  • There is no other database available in the United States that can authenticate a Social Security number and the name of the party to whom it was issued. If a "negative match" occurs, you will NOT be given the name of the true account holder.
  • You provide Investigative Consultants the SSN, suspected holder's name, DOB and DirectChek will definitively confirm the name of issuance, date of issuance and date of birth of the person that was issued the SSN. Turnaround time is generally 24 hours from receipt.

The Cost and the Sample

The cost for the DirectChek search is $89 and includes all other Social Security account numbers that the subject has used, all addresses traced to his given Social Security account number, all names used by the subject, and any other identifiers.

View the Sample of an abstract of a report to see how the DirectChek product can be seen.

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