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Investigative Consultants, Incorporated (ICI) is the answer to all your due diligence and intelligence gathering needs. We provide identity verification, background and pre-employment screening, criminal and political scans, and more through numerous specialized products.

ICI owns over 32 billion records in the US and over 660 million records from foreign countries with new acquisitions every day. ICI aggregates data from over 12, 230 database sources world-wide.

We guarantee accurate data, comprehensive results, and fast responses to all our customers.

Our services are enhanced continuously through study and research of new database sources and technologies, giving you the customer the full benefit of the most advanced resources.

Industry News
Regulation Requiring Federal Contractors to Use E-Verify Published in Federal Register
By Montserrat Miller; Joshua Sanderlin

Ruling could wipe out tens of thousands of criminal records
By Richard Ford

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Our Products

ARADS® Services

Attorney's Restricted Access Database System, (ARADS® Services) is one of the largest Web-based hyperlink libraries. It provides attorneys advanced searches to litigation needs.

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Global Scan® Services

Global Scan® Services is a customized investigative search service providing our customers most accurate, critical and comprehensive information they need.

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Identity Verification

IdentiChek®, DirectChek, IncomeTrust are three advanced services we provide our customers to confirm the identity of individuals and companies in U.S.A. and around the world.

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TerrorChek® focus on world wide criminal and political scans of individual and organizations including over 91 lists of known and suspected terrorists and terrorists' organizations.

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